Speed of Installation

  • Installs a new version of the operating system in 1 day

Automated Operations

  • Automatic JCL creation and submission
  • Automatic catalog creation
  • Automatically checks job output before proceeding to next step
  • Automatically sets parameters to optimal settings
  • Runs unattended, after entry of site-specific information. Progress of installation can be monitored


  • All base features are fully customized and ready to use
  • Employs a discovery engine to review system control blocks and to store your customized data
  • Utilizes symbolics and substitutions
  • Provides “best practices” customization in place of IBM defaults and inappropriate parameters


  • Delivered efficiently on a DVD, not cumbersome tapes. Future availability over the internet
  • Enables many features – BookMgr, SMB server, NFS server, WLM, and more
  • Utilizes easy-to-use intuitive screens
  • Can install optional products in the same efficient manner.