System Specs

Ordering Process - Quickload requires minimal CPU resources. Once the Quickload utilities are started, the installation process can run overnight and unattended.

Error Checking - It is unnecessary to code JCL or to oversee batch jobs - Quickload will perform a pre-check of the system and inform the user of potential errors prior to the submission of any jobs.

Self-Customizing IPL - The first IPL of a Quickload system prompts the user for network and system information using WTORs. Once the user has entered the required information, Quickload creates the appropriate system datasets, allowing the user to log on after the next IPL.

Customized Options - Quickload customizes the following features of the operating system so they are ready for immediate use - DF/AMB server, SYSPLEX, WLM, Bookmanager (Web and TSO), Web Server and NFS (server and client).

Standardized System - Quickload is designed to use best practices identified by IBM, user input and our own expertise.

Basic Installation Requirements

  • OS/390 Release 2.6 or above. If your site does not meet this requirement, we can install a driver that would enable the installation of Quickload.
  • TCP/IP connection to the mainframe
  • 11 3390-3 disk packs or 2 3390-9 and 5 3390-3 disk packs
  • For full details, refer to the “Quickload Installation Requirements.